We limit the services we provide to in-depth analysis, assessment, and constructive advice on whole or part works involving full length adult fiction and non-fiction narratives. Thus we do not undertake to assess children’s books, poetry, short stories, plays, or screenplays. Though we have dealt both editorially and as agents with projects in all these areas in the past we feel it is better to specialise in providing an in-depth service across a narrow range.

Some literary consultancies have a large number of reviewers. We do not employ outside readers and all our work is done in house. Our view is that both the limitations we place upon the genres of works we assess, and our disciplined approach to assessments tend towards providing a consistent standard that would prove difficult to achieve if numerous assessors were used. We each read all submissions and annotate and make our notes separately and, following discussion, arrive at an agreed assessment that takes account of the salient factors we feel are germane to the best advice.

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Our objectives are to maximise the chances of any submission being taken by a publisher and to help writers through constructive criticisms and suggestions to realise their full potential as authors in their chosen field. We do not flatter or avoid giving hard but fair criticisms. The market is very tough and our assessments must be both robust and forward looking. Submissions are treated as confidential assignments and we do not use client names or work to publicise our services.

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