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We have worked together for over twenty years and have found that our skills are complementary.

Patricia Preece took an English degree at London University. She went through an exhaustive training with the BBC, covering all aspects of script development and film making. She has worked for the BBC TV Script Department and has assessed and edited scripts for both radio and television, and read for Radio 4 World Service Drama competitions. This background has provided an insight into the ways of creating a successful dramatic narrative in fiction, and how to build dramatic tension. She has worked closely with novelists and non-fiction writers both editing and assessing their work.

Jon Thurley read English at Cambridge, taught briefly, and followed on with a spell at Arthur Andersen and then 20th Century Fox before joining a literary agency which he assumed control over after a few years. He ran his own literary agency in London’s West End for many years, has worked creatively with fiction and non-fiction writers producing work in all media, and has concluded numerous deals in all media nationally and internationally for clients (books, films, television plays/series/serials, theatre plays, and radio plays and serials). He has also had five novels published by major UK volume form publishers and has first hand knowledge of the creative and commercial problems facing aspiring writers.


Maddie (Mad) is a young bearded collie/terrier cross rescued from straying around Sligo by The Blue Cross. She is a team player and an invaluable member of staff, enforcing a strict exercise regime twice a day, and sporadically offering background musical accompaniment with her tin bowl. We try (without success) to explain to her that beams of light cannot be eaten and seagulls are just a trifle beyond her running bounce range.

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